Spetsiaallogistika specialises in providing logistical services in Estonia and Europe.

1. Wide loads and heavy transport International transport in Europe
2. Wide loads and heavy transport International transport in Estonia
3. Full and partial loads with tent and freezer trailers
4. Marine transport
5. Customs clearance and brokerage service

Spetsiaallogistika provides a full-scale transport service for extra large and/or extra heavy goods throughout Europe. The full service package includes the following activities, depending on the specific conditions:

  • Choice of efficient transport system, including, if necessary, use of different types of transport: combinations of road, railway, marine and air transport
  • planning, assessment and approval of the transport route
  • application for transport permits
  • required marking of the load
  • implementation of transport with suitable transport means
  • shipment escort
  • removal of traffic obstacles, traffic regulation

The quality of our international transport service of oversize and/or heavy loads is guaranteed by:

  • know-how of special transport regulations and procedures of other countries
  • option to use a wide choice of special transport means
  • reliable cooperation partners in different countries
  • extensive practical transport experience, trained staff

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